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PCC candidates


The list of Candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner election in Greater Manchester is now available and is as follows:

Candidate list for Police and Crime Commissioner election for Greater Manchester.
 Candidate's Surname Other Names  

Description (if any) 

 GALLAGHER Matt Liberal Democrats
 LLOYD Tony Labour Party Candidate
 WARREN Roy Independent
 WINSTANLEY Michael William The Conservative Party Candidate
 WOOLFE Steven Marcus UK Independence Party (UKIP)

To find out further information about the above candidates from the 26 October 2012 please visit the Home Office ran website Choose my PCC.

To download a list of Persons Nominated please follow this link. 

To view the Notice of Particulars of Election Agents please follow this link.

The results will be published here after they have been declared on Friday 16 November 2012.